Buy groceries and pay later in instalments, up to 3 months (90 days). No Upfront Fees - Repayment only starts AFTER delivery your order. This service currently only available anywhere in the Greater Accra Region and Koforidua & Environs, and strictly for Salaried Workers (Public or Private Sector), Owners of Registered Businesses and Registered Businesses itself.



You pre-qualify at NO UPFRONT FEE OR COST, by meeting our requirements (Proof of Permanent Employment & Regular Monthly Income above GHS1,000). You don't pay a dime UNTIL, we have delivered your goods. Only a minimum of 25% of the total price of the face value is due AFTER we have delivered your groceries - the rest can be spread up to 3 months for you at competitive interest rates (Up to 5% p.m.)


We offer two (2) credit facilities:

- Buy Now Pay Later to Salaried Workers & Registered Business Owners, and

- Supplier's Credit to Retailers & Wholesalers of Grocery Stores



DCANS Groceries Ghana is currently an online-only retailer & wholesaler of Food & Groceries at NO UPFRONT FEES OR PAYMENT - guaranteeing a safe, convenient and secured platform for our qualified customers.

• No Upfront Fees

You don't pay a dime until we deliver your ordered goods.


• Flexible Repayment Plans

Opportunity for you to get all the groceries you need to complete you and your family's upkeep and repay over a period not exceeding 3 months (90 days).




A. Buy Now Pay Later

This credit facility is strictly for Salaried Workers (Public or Private Sector) and Owners of Registered Businesses.



B. Supplier's Credit

• Retailers & Wholesalers




You cannot use our pay later if you're unemployed and/or not a verifiable regular income earner



Depending on your qualifying category, you can click on the link below applicable to you to apply online at No Upfront Fees:

Salaried Workers (Public or Private Sector)

Registered Business Owners & Registered Businesses

Retailers & Wholesales of Food & Groceries


Login details will only be provided to prospective customers who meet our Proof of Permanent Employment and/or Regular Income Requirements, in order to Possessing a Litigation-free Land and/or Valid Building Permit (where applicable).